It’s a Wonderful World

In It’s a Wonderful World, you lead an expanding Empire and must choose your path to your future. You must develop faster and better than your competitors. You’ll carefully plan your expansion to develop your production power and rule over this new world.

How to play?

On each of the 4 rounds you will draft 7 cards to develop your Empire. Once you have your full hand of 7 cards, you decide which ones to trash for an immediate resource gain and which ones to place in your construction area. The cards you build will improve the production engine of your Empire and will grant you victory points at the end of the game.

At the end of the 4th round, the player with the most victory points wins the game.

For a deeper insight of the gameplay, please follow this link :

Each Campaign offers a storyline to follow and many gameplay twists. At the end of each campaign, players will unlock new cards to enhance their base game and keep a memory of what happened during the campaign. All the campaigns can be replayed and don’t imply game components destruction.


  • From 1 to 5 players
  • 14 years old and more
  • Around 45 minutes
  • Designer : Frédéric Guérard
  • Illustrator : Anthony Wolff
  • Publishers : La boite de jeu and Origames
  • Distributor : Blackrock (FR), Lucky Duck Games (US), Asmodée (CA)
  • Availability : December 2019
  • MSRP (base game) : 39,90€





Press Kit

Download the Press Kit for It’s a Wonderful World


Additionnal Solo Scenarios

Heritage campaigns leaflets


1/ At the end of the turn, what should I do with the cubes placed on my Empire card?

All the cubes placed on the Empire card are kept at the end of the turn. This applies to Krystallium cubes AND to cubes taken from Recycling Bonus.

2/ If I play the C01 “War or Peace” campaign in SOLO mode, the cards “Hacking (1-04)” and “Secret service (1-05)” are useless.

Yes, it’s a mistake! When playing SOLO, act as if the cost of the effect of those cards was divided by 2:
Hacking (1-04): Once per game, during the Planning phase, discard 1 card to draw 5 cards; add one of them to your Draft area, and discard the others.
Secret service (1-05): Once per game, during the Planning phase, discard 1 card to draw 3 cards; add one of them to your Draft area, and discard the others.

3/ How to use the alternate Empires (side C and D) offered during the Kickstarter campaign?

These Empires can be played instead of the usual Empires (A and B), select a side, all players must play with the same side.
Side C : the Empire has no starting production but offers 5 Krystallium to start the game. Use it whenever you want.
Face D : each Empire has its own unique starting production but has no scoring bonus.


4/ How to use the 12 exclusive cards (tribute to other board games) offered during the Kickstarter campaign?

Just add these cards to your base game deck. Their value is balanced in accordance with the rest of the game.


5/ If i own the “Heritage” version of It’s a Wonderful World, what boxes should I open first?

For your first games, we highly advise to play the base game first. Open the grey box including the base game cards, as well as the resources boxes and the box containing the Generals and Financiers tokens.

After some games, you can start the Campaign mode by opening the first campaign box (the big blue box with the dove logo) that contains the scenarios envelopes as well as the rule book of this first Campaign. Do not open any other box unless the scenarios ask you to do so.

After the first Campaign you can start the second Campaign by opening its box (the big purple one with the masks logo).

6/ How do I play solo with Scenario 6 of campaign C01 “War or Peace”?

At the end of each turn, you must have at least the following quantities of Financier tokens to benefit from the “Economic Advantage” card’s effect:

Round 1 2 3 4
Quantity 2+ 4+ 7+ 12+

7 / [2 players] How to play Scenario 4 of the KS01 “Leisure and Decadence” campaign at 2 players?

In the leaflet, there are a missing information: the minority bonus of the “Free World” and “Just World” cards is also triggered during a tie, ie when each player chooses a different card. This change only occurs at 2 players.



We have undergone so many fights, so many power-greedy leaders and so much cruelty. The time has come for our free and joyful people to follow the wise recommandations of our great savior: the Supreme Citizen!

Discover the first expansion for It’s a Wonderful World ! (requires the core game to be played).


How to play?

Each turn, play a mix of classic cards and Corruption & Ascension cards. This expansion introduce 4 new types of cards.

Corruption: These cards can be cheap, and will produce interesting resources. However, they force you to give up a part of your production. Choose wisely what to boost, and what to give up!

Super Production: Bring in the big gun! A little bit expensive to build, but once it is done, it will produce a lot of resources.

Duo Scoring: Try to follow 2 antagonistic strategies at once. It is more difficult, but when done well, it is very rewarding.

Master Projects: These cards are huge in every way. They are very expensive, but they give you a lot of victory points.

This expansion adds 2 new Empires. You can now play up to 7 players!




  • From 1 to 7 players (with the core box)
  • 14 years old
  • 45 minutes
  • Designer : Frédéric Guérard
  • Artist : Anthony Wolff
  • Publisher : La boite de jeu and Origames
  • Distributor : Blackrock
  • Availability : November 2020
  • MSRP : 26,90€

















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