Halfway through the 19th century the first permanent settlements appear in Montana. After this many fortune seekers travel to this region with their caravans in search of work and building a better future for themselves. And there is an abundance of work, in the mountains precious metals are to be found and on the fields a lot of manpower is required. Meanwhile the number of settlements is growing and the demand for goods is rising.

How to play?

The game will play out in turns. When it is your turn, you have to perform one of the three following actions: recruit workers, gather resources or build a settlement. Collect workers and put them to work in the quarry, in the mine, on the grain fields and on the farmlands. Send your workers to the bank for money and to the city for trading. Deliver goods in a region so that settlements can be built. Settlements on strategic places are more valuable, but others will try to cut you off. Make sure you have all your settlements on the board first and you will have a good chance of winning the game.


  • From 2 to 4 players
  • For 14 years old and older
  • 45 minutes
  • Designer: Rüdiger Dorn
  • Artists: Anthony Wolff et Klemens Franz
  • Publishers: La boite de jeu, under license from White Goblin Games
  • Distributor in France : Blackrock Games
  • Availability: June 2018
  • MRSP: 42€



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