The world as we knew it has been destroyed by a full-scale war on the last water resources. 4 tribes have taken shelter underground and struggle to survive. Their only hope is the “Convoy”, a traveling organization looking for Survivors worthy enough to join the secret submarine cities, humanity’s only hope of long-term survival.


How to play?

outlive set upEach round is split in two phases: the Day and the Night. During the Day, send your heroes in a post-apocalyptic world to gather resources. You need to move your meeples on the main board, using simple movement rules. Think well how and when to move though, resources deplete quick, and opponents may set you traps to steal your goods!

During the Night, use the gathered resources to expand your shelter, fix equipment, feed your troops recruit new survivors. It won’t be that easy to manage your resources; get used to lacking everything and try to survive anyway!


outlive packshot 3d

  • From 2 to 4 players
  • For 14 years old and older
  • 60 minutes
  • Designer: Grégory Oliver
  • Artist: Miguel Coimbra
  • Publisher: La boite de jeu
  • Distributor: Blackrock
  • Availability: Juin 2017
  • MRSP: 50€





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