Neta-Tanka Deluxe

Neta-Tanka Deluxe  <span class='flag-gb'></span><span class='flag-fr'></span><span class='flag-de'></span>

Neta-Tanka Deluxe version with all the Kickstarter Stretch Goals. English, German and French version included. Contents 1 double-sided main board 5 double-layer personal boards 25 painted meeples 20 wooden tents 9 wooden pawns 3 mini-boards 20 tiles 71 mini-cards 137 custom-shaped wooden tokens 4 storage boxes 75 tokens 1 scorepad 1 sticker sheet “Montain” expansion (1 mini-board, 11 tiles and 12 wooden tokens)


Cerberus <span class='flag-gb'></span>

All the content is in English Info From 3 to 7 players 10 years old and older around 45 minutes Designer: Pierre Buty Artists: Pierre Ples & Jules Dubost Content 5 double-sided boards 1 Cerberus pawn 7 Aventurer pawns 28 Action cards 28 Survival cards 18 Betrayal cards 7 Player Aid cards 1 Speed die, numbered 3 – 8 3 Barque tiles 1 Rope Bridge tile 1 sheet of Masterful Success stickers THIS PRODUCT CAN’T BE SOLD IN EUROPEAN UNION

It’s a Wonderful World – Heritage version (Kickstarter) EN

It’s a Wonderful World – Heritage version (Kickstarter) <span class='flag-gb'></span>EN

Contents Everything is in English. It’s a Wonderful World core game Stretch Goals from the Kickstarter campaign “War or Peace” campaign expansion “Leisure and Decadence” campaign expansion 5 plastic cups for the Resources + lots of storage boxes For more details, please visit the Kickstarter page:  

Clash of Rage Heroes expansion (Kickstarter)

Clash of Rage Heroes expansion (Kickstarter)

This expansion is not a standalone. You need CLASH OF RAGE to play with it. Language dependent component are available in french AND in english. Content : 1 rulesheet 8 Hero cards 5 Weapon Cards 8 Armor Cards 2 Legendary Equipement Cards 16 Clan Power Cards 8 Hero Figurines 2 Tokens 40 Crystal plastic tokens 8 Rage plastic tokens

Outlive (deluxe Kickstarter) without the KSE stretch goals

Outlive (deluxe Kickstarter) <span class='red'>without the KSE stretch goals</span><div class='flag-fr'></div><span class='red'>FRENCH</span>

Deluxe Kickstarter version of Outlive (Heroes pledge) The following Kickstarter Exclusifs stretch goals are NOT included: The recessed Shelter boards The Solo mode The Event card “Atomic Blast” The 4 special Leaders Bob Craft, Gaïa, Jeanne Esserge, Charles Gravier The expansions Relics from the past, Lost in the city et Predators The Equipement tiles Hand grenade and Companions The alternativ First player token EVERYTHING IS IN FRENCH

Outlive Underwater (expansion)

Outlive Underwater (expansion) <div class='flag-gb'></div>

All the content is in english. Infos   From 1 to 4 players For 14 years old and older Designer: Gregory Oliver Artist: Miguel Coimbra   Contents 1 new main board (includes a new location), XL dimensions 4 Robot meeples 1 Leader card 2 Event cards 4 Equipement tiles 2 Room tiles 24 Scientist tokens 1 Vegetable token 1 Horde board (solo mode) 8 Horde cards (solo mode) 1 rule book Know more