Win a Outlive collector by finding spelling mistakes!

Hello everyone,

Today, I suggest you give us a hand, for those who wish, by proofreading the rules, the FAQ and the Box of our next game “Huns” (Release date March 2018) to find potential small misspellings or typos.

The English rules are available here: Download here

The English FAQ is available here: Download here

The box: Download here

To report a typo or a misspelling, thank you to make it by email at We will draw lots among all those who have made a report (relevant) to this address, a person who will be offered an Outlive collector’s box in English with the English Strecht Goals.

Feel free to share the info to your contacts, you have until Thursday 21 December 18h (GMT+1) to make your feedbacks!

Happy reading to all and thank you in advance for your help.

Note: It’ better to download the files (not read it online) in order to avoid mistakes caused by your browser.

Win a Outlive collector by finding spelling mistakes!