Rules updates

As with Loot, the elimination triggered by the crossbow icon only takes into account the terror value printed on the tile; it does not take into account any effects that would temporarily increase this value.

In the rare event that a game ends with a player (or team) with 3 victory tokens against 2 victory tokens, it is, of course, the 3 victory tokens that prevail to decide the winners (regardless of the total cost of his monster tiles, which is normally used to break the tie).

The tiles are revealed to everyone, regardless of the number of players. Place the revealed tiles next to your screen. You can still deploy them or discard them as if they were behind your screen.

This tile’s passive power only blocks powers from opponents. It does not prevent the owner’s powers from enhancing it.

Eligible boards are those of the player triggering this power. In the case of a 4-player game with players A and B on the same team, player A can deploy this tile on the central board, and player B can move this tile to the board which is not eligible for player A, but is eligible for player B.

When a Village board is flipped to its B side, any monster tile in the Fortification slot is always discarded, so this power cannot be applied in this case.

Also pay any surcharge incurred by the Office board.

After selecting the tile in the recruitment queue, act as if its effect were printed on the chameleon’s tile. So, if the chameleon targets a tile with a move-THIS-tileeffect, it’s the chameleon’s tile that moves, not the one in the recruitment queue.

If all of your opponents have passed their turn, you are not allowed to deploy this tile.

Get these cargos if you place (by deploying or by moving) a monster of the right color first.