#8 – After the Battle – The end of the PM

Hello everyone,

Following many days of a very bad flu, I’m back to the office, alive and kicking! We have some great news to begin the year. First of all let me wish you all a very happy new year 2018! 

I – Closing the Pledge Manager

Most of you already filled the Pledge Manager. It’s still open as Benjamin is contacting the last persons who haven’t filled it yet. However, we will close the Pledge Manager and the late pledge toward the end of the month in order to start the files completion process.

II – Campaign mode finalization

In January we had multiple test sessions on the campaign mode and we are very happy with the last scenarios. Frédéric (the game designer), Rodolphe (from Origames), Benco (our new recruit), Benj and myself have finalized all the scenarios 2 weeks ago and let me tell you that the campaign mode will bring a lot of replay value. With 15 different scenarios (a campaign is played along 6 scenarios) you will have more than enough material to enjoy your campaigns. More, each scenario unlocks a special power for the winning player, and you may as well add the “Clan powers” mini-expansion to better customize your armies! The scenarios of the campaign mode are bringing different rules and victory conditions compared to the skirmish mode.

Frédéric, Rodolphe and Benjamin playing the campaign of CoR.
Frédéric, Rodolphe and Benjamin playing the campaign of CoR.

We hope that you’ll enjoy the work Frederic has done to enhance the game’s replay value!

III – The miniatures

Last but not least, all sculpts are complete.

There has been a slight delay in comparison to the initial planning but we used that time to finish other tasks.

Concerning the base box miniatures (Add-on and heroes excluded), the molds are under production. I’m hopeful we’ll receive the first plastic injection samples in March* but with the Chinese new year approaching we still don’t have a definitive date.

Godleif clan at the start of our campaign
Godleif clan at the start of our campaign

For the other miniatures, we should receive the Masters (needed to make the molds) between mid-February and mid-March* if everything goes well. Then we’ll be able to launch the molds production. As of now, we are really happy with the work done on the miniatures by the sculptors, the factory and the modelers. The result is true to our expectations and we hope you’ll enjoy all the work that has been done to give your games the better realism possible!

That’s it for this month; we remain at your disposal in the comments section or by email. Thanks for your support and see you soon!

*These are estimated dates and are not definitive.


#8 – After the Battle – The end of the PM